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150 for 150

In honour of World Suicide Prevention Day 2021, I will be lifting 1kg in remembrance of every single one of the 154,363 people who have taken their own lives over the course of my lifetime...

In the UK, 112 people take their own life every week.

16 people every single day.


1 person every 90 minutes.

Why l'm raising money

9 years ago, I was almost one of those numbers.


Depression manifests itself in different ways for different people, but for me it was a
continuous feeling of emptiness. I couldn't find enjoyment in anything and I felt as if my life
didn't matter. That being alive was a burden on those around me.

Whilst growing up society taught me that as a young man if I ever felt sad, stressed, anxious
that I should MAN UP' and get on with it. This led to years of bottled up feelings of anger
and sadness that I did not know how to share and express.

Rather than feeling able to discuss how I felt with friends or family, I allowed those feelings
to build and build within my own headspace. This meant I was continuously telling myself

that I wasn't smart enough, strong enough or good enough.

This weight became too much to carry in October 2012 and I came within moments of
taking my own life. 

That day and those feelings of hopelessness will stay with me for ever, but there are so many

who are no longer here to tell their story.

I am incredibly grateful for and lucky to have the support system of family and friends I have

around me however, for those who don't have the support system, Mental Health Charities

such as CALM, MIND and YoungMinds continue to do vital work.

Exercise, especially going to the gym, has been one of the tools I use to keep myself
mentally healthy. Whether it's going for a walk, playing football or training in a gym, there is
significant evidence that exercise has huge benefits in combating symptoms of depression.
Owing to the fact I almost lost my battle with depression, I wanted to remember all those
who sadly lost theirs.

This is for all the brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, aunties and
uncles, cousins, grandparents, grandchildren and friends.

For all those people who felt that they couldn't continue their story.

For all those who used a full stop instead of a semicolon.

For those who felt their life did not matter.

It did. It does. It always will.

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