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Week 1 – 1st September

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Well this is an insane idea.

Training constantly for 24 hours alone would be mad enough. Lifting 148,145kg on its own would be mad enough. To combine the two…well we better get training!

Working with Ben Morris (my PT) we have come up with a diet plan to work alongside my training in order that I have the energy to train alongside the actual training itself.

Whilst this is not something that someone has done before, I’m confident of the strength training plans we’ve put together in order to get through this challenge.

The first week was comfortable; ensuring that my food and water intake has increased and following a strict training schedule in order to increase my strength.

Plan is to increase my strength over the first 9 months, and then focus on endurance and stamina in the final 3 months.

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