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Week 12 – 27th November

Updated: Aug 26, 2021


In order to test my mental as well as physical state throughout the event, we are planning to do 2 Trial runs – 12 hours / 18 hours.

This trial was through the night – 8pm til 8am alongside my PT, who I owe a huge amount to for staying up with me for 12 hours without training!

We had a plan going into the trial; to see how long I would be able to go for until requiring a break. We planned for 6 hours training before a break, and we got to 6 hours…however I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Reviewing how I felt throughout the night, we have decided that 4 hours is the limit before I will need a break and so for Trial 2 we will run it at 4 hours on, 1 hour break.

After 6 hours, I had a 20 minute nap, 20 minutes for a meal and then 20 minutes to stretch and warm up again before starting the last 5 hours.

The second half seemed easier, probably owing to the nap and the new energy from the food as well as the fact we dropped the weight and upped the number of reps.

After 12 hours, we hit 69,660kg!!

Considering I had only been training for 3 months I was over the moon. We almost hit 50% of the target on the first trial run without any expectations. This gave me huge motivation to continue my training over the next 9 months…

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