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Week 16 - 21st December



With the news that the UK will be going back into Lockdown for the foreseeable future, and the gyms closing, I knew this could mean the event may not be possible. Whilst I may be able to continue home workouts, without the ability to use a bar in the gym to increase my strength, there would be no possibility of the event happening.

I felt deflated.

All the excitement of the last few weeks and months had disappeared and I was devastated.

What this did mean was that I was mentally preparing myself to not be able to complete the event. However I knew how important it was to be able to share this frustration.

What I had learnt from my own experience of therapy is that it’s not healthy to internalise how I was feeling, and so I shared this frustration with my friends and family.

They reassured me that all the work I had done so far in raising awareness around suicide and my own personal battles with my mental health was incredible on its own, without even considering this mammoth of challenge.

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