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Week 23 - 8 February

Working out at home...

With Lockdowns now becoming almost a monthly occurrence, home-workouts have become popular across the UK for fat loss and keeping a level of fitness both mentally as well as physically.

However, for this challenge specifically these home workouts are not the answer for me.

This is because in order for me to be able to lift 150,000kg over 24 hours I need to be able to lift on average, 7,000kg an hour. In order to be able to do that, I need to increase my strength levels over the first 9 months of my training so that on the day, I will only be lifting less than 0.5 times my 1 Rep Max. This is so I can increase the number of reps per set in order to prevent my body fatiguing for as long as possible.

I am still doing home workouts though; Press Ups/Pull Ups/Sit Ups intermittently, along with some HIIT workouts my coach; @BenMorris.PT has planned for me.

However I cannot wait to be back in the gym again, picking up a barbell...

The longer the wait, the more I worry that I won't be able to gain the strength back quickly enough...

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